The Construction Of “The St. Louis Blues Avenue” Record Room

It has always been my dream to have a room set aside for listening to, and playing 78 RPM records, and to share that room with fellow collector’s in fellowship. After a good coat of paint to the walls, and the laying down of new carpet, I have begun the process of building new shelves, and taking the existing one’s to fill them with records. Most of my collection has been cataloged on an excel spreadsheet, and the newest additions are in boxes, ready to be put on these shelves. There are seven statues of Jazz musicians which have been added to the room, to give it a flavor of New Orleans. Here are some photographs from the construction, below!

DSC00217 DSC00219 DSC00216 DSC00215 DSC00218



2 Responses to “The Construction Of “The St. Louis Blues Avenue” Record Room”

  1. Great pics. I have the statue of the clarinet player which I picked up from a store in Mississauga. Did you get the other figures there as well?


  2. Actually, I stumbled across them in a store in Brantford, Ontario. They had already sold the guitar player and the drummer.

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