Junking for 78’s

Shaking Hands with Gary after taking some 78's out of his place.

Shaking Hands with Gary after taking some 78’s out of his place.

The day I went to see Gary, a collector in Hamilton who was on episode three of Canadian Picker’s, he was holding a garage sale of all his records. When I got there at 8:00 a.m the early birds were already going through  the vinyl records. No one had touched the bottom shelves where well over a thousand 78’s lay. Most of the stuff was WWII, and up. I did manage to find a few 1920’s records in the lot, including a Duke Ellington Okeh from 1928.

The other most memorable pick was at a flea market east of Toronto, where the vendor of an outdoor both had a trailer with crates of 78’s at the back that, according to him, had not been seen by anyone for over 10 years. My heart pounded like crazy, and I was shaking just thinking about what goodies lay inside. I asked to see them and was told he needed to clear a path to the back of the trailer as a lot of antiques were blocking the way to the records. Two weeks were needed by the owner to do the job, so I waited, and came back and painfully went through the crates, sweating like crazy as it was mid August and it was really hot that day. In the end, however, it was well worth the effort. I found a Washingtonians on Brunswick, a couple of Irving Mills and his Hotsy Totsy Gang on Brunswick, and a couple of other goodies.

The lesson from all this is, you must look everywhere for old records-flea markets, auctions, antique stores, garage sales or be creative, and put an ad on a free classified website,  describing what type of 78’s you are looking for. The results can be rewarding.

Happy Junking!



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