Why Is It So Hard To Dispose of 50,000 78 RPM Records?

Last year I decided to become a record dealer with my spouse, I would sell and buy 78 rpm records, and she would handle the 45 rpm records. I estimate that in my basement and in my record shed there are a good 50,000 78’s looking for a new home. The winter time is the worst time for sales, unless you are prepared to list records one by one on E-Bay and ship them, and even then, that may not work. Record collectors in general, tend to go for Blues, Jazz, and Rock and Roll. They want the rarest and cleanest copy of any record, and will not buy the hill and dale stuff. That only caters, it seems, to gramophone enthusiasts, who care more about their machines than the records themselves.

My dilemma is I want them gone, as I have spent a great deal of money in making this business feasible. In 2014, you may remember I  held three sales, starting in July, so I was late in starting. This year, I hope to have at least 6 sales, starting in March or April,. In the meantime, if you are interested in lot jobs, check out my two postings on E-Bay.ca for 15 and 25 crates of 78 rpm records. 


DSC00242 DSC00244 DSC00245 DSC00246


6 Responses to “Why Is It So Hard To Dispose of 50,000 78 RPM Records?”

  1. I feel your pain. Several years ago, I owned a record store and had a couple thousand 78’s, both in album sets and individual discs. When I sold the store, the guy who bought it from me didn’t want the 78’s so I got in contact with the guy who placed them in my shop on a consignment basis. He didn’t want them back. I don’t know what ever happened to them, but I understand how difficult they are to be rid of.

  2. obscureandoblique Says:

    I would be interested in the these records.
    I own a record store and I carry 78’s.
    Contact me:Subproject63@gmail.com

  3. Hi, Do you still have these crate lots available?

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