A Day At The Christie Antique Show With The Edison Phonograph Museum

The hunt for records took me out today to the Christie Antique Show, billed as the largest show in Ontario, held twice a year in the Spring and Fall at the Christie Conservation Area on Highway 5 west of Flamborough, Ontario.. Of course leaving early to get there by 8:30 a.m was hampered by our famous highway and road construction, which reduced traffic to a snail’s pace. However, we finally arrived by 9: 30 a.m, and promptly headed over to see Jean-Paul Agnard, proprietor of the Musee Edison du Phonographe, situated in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec. He had a very nice selection of gramophones for all to see and hear, and a stash of 78’s in the rear of his truck for me to go thru. Some nice 10000 series Starr records came out of that pile, along with a few other Victors, Columbias, and a late Perfect. Enjoy the photographs below detailing the phonographs on display, and of course, your editor hunting for records!


003 005 006 007 008 004 009 001 002



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