A Record Room Can Only Be Good As You Want It To Be

Unless you have lots of money at your fingertips, your record room will seem to be very ordinary. I like to think of it as something else-my own personal venture into the past, like being in an after hours club full of Jazz musicians jamming together. My personal dream, which I hope to become a reality in the near future, is to have framed records hanging on the walls, along with a trombone, saxophone, cornet, trumpet, and clarinet. A few street signs that name famous Jazz landmarks in New York, Chicago, and New Orleans, would be a nice touch. There will be shelving from one end of the room to the next, to hold 30,000 78’s. A bookshelf to hold discographies, and reference books will be added, along with chairs and a table, for guests to relax, and enjoy the music. Eventually, I want to acquire a couple of gramophones to make the room look nostalgic. What does your record room look like? Send me your pictures, and details, and I will post them.


002 003


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