Is This The Austin High Gang? A Photographic Mystery 1928

From what I understand, the Chicago Rhythm Kings were made up of what was known as the “Austin High Gang”. This group of musicians consisted of Gene Krupa on drums, Eddie Condon guitar and vocals, Joe Sullivan on piano, Mezz Mezzrow, tenor saxophone, Frank Teschemacher on clarinet, Mugsy Spanier on cornet, and Red McKenzie, vocals. They apparently recorded for Brunswick in April, 1928. So, how is it that this advertisement, inserted in the Albany Evening News on January 20, 1928 states that they are already recording artists? Because the photograph is so dark, I could only make out ¬†possibly Joe Sullivan, with his glasses. Is that Teschemacher second from the left holding a clarinet? At least the advertisement shows that the group was to appear at Murray’s Dance Academy in Albany, New York.


Update! A viewer on Facebook has cleared up the mystery! This is not the Chicago Rhythm Kings that recorded in April, 1928. It is an all black band. The picture of the musicians has been uploaded for identification.


old fulton ny post cards-albany evening news jan 20 1928 chkings.


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