78 Quarterly Issues 1 and 2 1967 and 1968

I am pleased to present these two issues of “78 Quarterly” packed with excellent articles about 78 RPM records and the artists behind them.



2 Responses to “78 Quarterly Issues 1 and 2 1967 and 1968”

  1. james@pathcom.com Says:

    As much as Jack deserves credit for copying the Compo files, let’s not forget that I’m the one who actually visited the Compo office, discovered the files and managed to convince them to let me review them. I took two weeks vacation from work and spent every day from 9 to 5 copying the data. A few years later I had them agree to send the ledgers to the music library in Ottawa. I delivered them in person. For the record …..

    James Kidd Toronto

    • Jim, I was not aware of your involvement in this enormous task. Had John Wilby told me all the details, when he e-mailed me the ledgers, proper credit would have been given to you. My sincere apologies.

      Ken McPherson

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