The Victor Gram-o-phone For Christmas 1908

The Berliner Gramophone Company of Canada Ltd., which was situated in Montreal, Quebec, took out this Christmas advertisement for its Victor Gram-o-phone, in the December 21, 1908 edition of The Montreal Gazette.


The Montreal Gazette   Google News Archive Search


One Response to “The Victor Gram-o-phone For Christmas 1908”

  1. hi just read your article in regards to the berliner line of records particularly brown shellac editions. i just came across a couple of them one 10″ and one 12″. i believe these are possibly test pressings as they have matrix and cat. numbers as well as the artist, title and date scratched in to the label area. the 12″ is dated 7-10-07 on one side and dated 7-12-07 on the other. the artist is banda policia de mexico 35000 series. the other is a 10″ which also has the matrix and cat. etc.numbers scratched into the label area. this one is dated 2-28-10 on one side and 3-2-10 on the other. the series/ label # is 16454 and the artist is victor sorlin. which confirms your statement that brown shellac was used for all of 1909 until at least the end of feb. 1910. thanks for the info.
    best regards

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