Junie Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Shake That Jelly Roll-1929

Shake That Jelly Roll
written by Junie Cobb and Lester Melrose
performed by Junie C. Cobb & his Grains Of Corn
recorded in Chicago, 9 February 1929
issued as Vocalion 1263 circa March 1929

Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Junius C. “Junie” Cobb was competent on tenor saxophone, clarinet, banjo, piano, violin, and drums. He played with Johnny Dunn as a teenager, and after moving to Chicago he led his own ensemble in 1920-21 at the Club Alvadere. In the 1920s he played with King Oliver (1924-27) on banjo and with Jimmie Noone (1928-29). Following this Cobb put together another band of his own, and recorded with this ensemble for Vocalion and Victor. He played in Paris briefly in the early 1930s, then returned to lead groups in Chicago.

Jimmy Cobb – cornet
Junie Cobb, Cecil Erwin and/or Darnell Howard – reeds
Bob Waugh – violin
Alex Hill – piano
Eustern Woodfork – banjo
probably Bill Johnson – bass
Jimmy Bertrand or Harry Dial – drums


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