Two More 78 RPM Record Finds at the Aberfoyle Antique Market

This past Sunday, I was fortunate to be able to go to the oldest antique market in Ontario, located on Brock Rd. 46, or Highway 6 South, about half an hour west of Toronto by the 401. The day was muggy, so both myself the 78  rpm collector, and my girlfriend, the 45 rpm collector, feeling the heat.

At the back part of the market was a booth with a Sonora gramophone. I asked the vendor if he had any 78’s. “Look inside the cabinet of the gramophone, and look at the pile on the shelf behind you”, was the response. After sorting some boring Victor’s, I came across a Compo Starr Gennett. I looked closely at the label-it was Ladd’s Black Aces, second record from 1921. The A side has “Gypsy Blues”, the B side has “I’m Just Too Mean to Cry”, and is number 9177, recorded orginally on Gennett 4794, October, 1921. Rust states the personnel as not being confirmed.

The second record I found was another Compo label, Microphone, one of those cheap labels meant for dime stores. Number 22305 has on the A side, Leslie Norman and his Orchestra performing “Who Says They Don’t Care?”  This hot dance band is none other than Al Lynch and his Orchestra, who first recorded on Banner 7077 in New York, March 7, 1928. Rust has the band as unknown’s in my copy of his American Dance Band Discography, and it does not appear, in the first edition of his Jazz Records book.

starrchinese 061




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