CODAS TO A LIFE OF JAZZ-Essays by Trevor Tolley


Golden Dog Press, Ottawa, Ontario

 Published 2013

Suggested Retail $15.95

A short review by the editor

When I was first contacted by Professor Tolley to review his new book, I readily agreed. I had heard Trevor give excellent lectures on Jazz at the Canadian Collector’s Congress. His book is a collection of these essays, past and present, previously delivered to the C.C.C.

The back of the book summarizes Trevor Tolley’s passion for record collecting, having started in Great Britain in 1942, and gives us a concise history of his background as a jazz discographer, and his other accomplishments as a leading authority on British literary history of the twentieth century.

The book itself focuses on the impact of Jazz musicians and their recordings, beginning with Louis Armstrong, and ending with Walt Dickerson. There is a feeling of being in a lecture hall, when reading the contents of this book.

My only criticism is, the book fails mention the accomplishments of Canadian Jazz musicians during the 1920’s and onward, and this is truly disappointing, given that the book was written in Canada, and published in Canada. Perhaps, one can only hope this will be added at a later date.

All in all I would highly recommend this book.

Ken McPherson

Trevor Tolley addressing the Canadian Collector’s Congress

KENS 010


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