A Sad Day For The Collection of a Lifetime Collector and Discographer

A few months ago, the well known discographer Steven C. Barr, and a member of the Canadian Antique Phonograph had been placed in the care of the public guardian and moved to a long term nursing home, north of Oshawa, Ontario. For those of you who did not know, Steve had written a book entitled ” The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide”, illustrated below. Steve was involved in an accident several years ago which affected his capacity to think rationally. His landlady, had obtained a court order, enabling her to seize and sell his  collection of over 20,000 78 RPM records from the house he rented, because of back rent owing, and the house was to be demolished and sold.  I was fortunate to secure a few of these gems, from one of the lockers where a fraction of the records had been stored.

It was my understanding that Steve had desired that his collection be sent to a University in California, if anything happened to him.  The unknown location of Steve is also unfortunate. I am certain that once he learns what has happened, it will not help his mental well being at all.

A good lesson to be learned from this is to make certain a family member, or close friend, is willing and able to handle your collection in the event something should happen, and dispose of it according to your wishes, not at the discretion of  a third party.





2 Responses to “A Sad Day For The Collection of a Lifetime Collector and Discographer”

  1. geoffrey wright Says:

    i have only 4 brunswick records, but also have 7 broadcast records. these are 78s of course,would like to know of anyone iterested thank you mr g wright

  2. just leave ur name and adress please. thank you

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