Apex Records Advertisements from the Ottawa Citizen 1922 to 1930

In 1922, The Compo Company of Lachine, Quebec, through its Toronto branch “The Sun Record Company”, launched the first of many different record labels it would be known for, under the name “Apex”. In order to gain a foothold into a market that was controlled by the two major record record labels in Canada, Victor and Columbia, it began to run newspaper advertisements about the latest releases. Here is a selection of those ads:


-apex records ottawa citizen september 1929 -apex records ottawa citizen may-2, 1925 (1) -apex records ottawa citizen may, 1929 -apex records ottawa citizen april 1925 -apex records ottawa citizen 1929 -apex records ottawa citizen 1929-2 -apex records ottawa citizen 1928 -apex records december 1928 ottawa citizen -APEX RECORDS MARCH 12, 1926 OTTAWA CITIZEN -apex records-ottawa citizen april 1929


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