Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions

Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions

From Wikipedia

The Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions were recorded between 1925 and 1928 by Louis Armstrong with his Hot Five and Hot Seven groups. These 68 recordings are in the National Recording Registry.

Ron Wynn and Bruce Boyd Raeburn, writing for the All Music Guide to Jazz, note that “these recordings radically altered jazz’s focus; instead of collective playing, Armstrong’s spectacular instrumental (and vocal) improvisations redefined the music.”  Armstrong introduced scat singing in “Heebie Jeebies,” and his solo on “Potato Head Blues” helped establish the stop-time technique in jazz.



1925-1926 Hot Five Recordings

  1. “My Heart” (Lil Armstrong)
  2. “Yes! I’m in the Barrel”
  3. “Gut Bucket Blues”
  4. “Come Back Sweet Papa” (Barbarin, Russell)
  5. “Georgia Grind” (Spencer Williams)
  6. Heebie Jeebies” (Atkins, Stothart)
  7. “Cornet Chop Suey”
  8. “Oriental Strut” (Saint Cyr)
  9. “You’re Next”
  10. Muskrat Ramble” (Ray GilbertKid Ory)
  11. “Don’t Forget to Mess Around” (Armstrong, Barbarin)
  12. “I’m Gonna Gitcha” (Lil Hardin)
  13. “Droppin’ Shucks” (Hardin)
  14. “Who’ Sit” (Composer uncredited)
  15. “He Likes It Slow” (J. Edwards)
  16. “The King of the Zulus” (Lil Armstrong)
  17. “Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa” (Richard M. Jones)
  18. “Lonesome Blues” (Hardin)
  19. “Sweet Little Papa” (Ory)
  20. “Jazz Lips” (Hardin)
  21. “Skid-Dat-De-Dat” (Hardin)
  22. Big Butter and Egg Man” (Armstrong, Percy Venable)
  23. “Sunset Cafe Stomp” (Armstrong, Venable)
  24. “You Made Me Love You” (Armstrong, Venable)
  25. “Irish Black Bottom” (Armstrong, Venable)

1927 Hot Seven Recordings

  1. Willie the Weeper” (Marty BloomWalter MelroseGrant Rymal)
  2. “Wild Man Blues” (Armstrong, Morton)
  3. “Chicago Breakdown” (Morton)
  4. “Alligator Crawl” (Joe Davis, Razaf, Waller)
  5. Potato Head Blues
  6. “Melancholy Blues” (Bloom, Melrose)
  7. Weary Blues” (Matthews)
  8. Twelfth Street Rag” (Bowman)
  9. “Keyhole Blues” (Wilson)
  10. “S.O.L. Blues”
  11. “Gully Low Blues”
  12. “That’s When I’ll Come Back to You” (Biggs)

1927 Hot Five Recordings

  1. “Put ‘Em Down Blues” (E.J. Bennett)
  2. “Ory’s Creole Trombone” (Ory)
  3. “The Last Time” (Ewing, Martin)
  4. “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue” (Hardin, Don Raye)
  5. “Got No Blues” (Hardin)
  6. “Once in a While” (William Butler)
  7. “I’m Not Rough” (Armstrong, Hardin)
  8. “Hotter Than That” (Armstrong, Hardin)
  9. “Savoy Blues” (Ory)

1928 Hot Five Recordings

  1. “Fireworks” (Clarence Williams, S. Williams)
  2. “Skip the Gutter” (S. Williams)
  3. “A Monday Date” (Earl Hines, Robin)
  4. “Don’t Jive Me” (Hardin)
  5. West End Blues” (King Oliver, C. Williams)
  6. “Sugar Foot Strut” (Pierce)
  7. “Two Deuces” (Hardin)
  8. Squeeze Me” (Waller, C. Williams)
  9. “Knee Drops” (Hardin)



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