The Little Ramblers

The Little Ramblers

The Little Ramblers
General Information
Genre (s) Chicago Jazz
Foundation 1924
Resolution 1927
Founding members
Bill Moore
Red Nichols
Roy Johnston
Chelsea Quealey
Tommy Dorsey
Herb Winfield
Abe Kincoln
Saxophone, Clarinet
Jimmy Dorsey
Saxophone, Clarinet
Bobby Davis
Bass Saxophone
Adrian Rollini
Irving Brodsky
Tommy Felline
Drums, Vocals
Stan King
Billy Jones
Ed Kirkeby

The Little Ramblers were a jazz band in the 1920s.

Band history

The Little Ramblers were a studio band, which started in the quintet to octet. It was from members of the related and larger formation The California Ramblers formed and occasionally performed live as well. Played in her mid-1920s, later known musicians such as Red Nichols and the brothers Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey . The core of the group Little Rambers formed the rhythm section with drummer Stan King, pianist Irving Brodsky , the banjo player Tommy Felline and the pioneer of thebass saxophone , Adrian Rollini , the major soloists were trumpeter Chelsea Quealey, clarinetist / saxophonist Bobby Davis and Rollini. At the first session originated the title “On Deep Blue Sea,” composed by the blues singer Clara Smith , “I’m Satisfied Beside That Sweetie Of Mine” and, with Scat by Stan King , “Those Panama Mamas”, another well known title The Little Ramblers was “In Your Green Hat”.

As well as the California Ramblers had Kirkeby the Little Ramblers record for other labels under pseudonyms, with the band names The Goofus Five , The Five Birmingham Babies , The University Six and Varsity Eight took the Little Ramblers with occasional changes in personnel to other records.

1926, played Little Ramblers as a live band in the Ramblers Inn , headed by Rollinis successor Spencer W. Clark (1908 – 1998) with Carl Kress and Lennie Hayton . The band, which also African-American musicians such as Red Nichols, Ward Pinkettand Danny Barker worked, was reactivated in 1935 by Adrian Rollini and took in this and the following year a further total of twenty tracks for Victor’s Bluebird label on.

Disco Graphic Notes


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