Frank Westphal

Frank Westphal

Frank Westphal and his Rainbo Orchestra 1922

Frank Westphal (* ca 1890 , † about 1945 ) was a German-born American pianist and band leader .


He lived and worked in Chicago, first as a vaudeville pianist. In 1911 he became acquainted with the 6 years older singer and entertainerSophie Tucker know who hired him as a pianist for their shows. The couple married in 1917, after only 2 years the marriage was divorced.

At the beginning of the twenties was Westphal pianist and conductor of the Rainbo Orchestra . Opened in 1921 , Rainbo Gardens onChicago’s North Clark Street, corner of Lawrence Avenue were among the largest and most famous venues in the United States with a revolving stage, about 2000 seats and a dance floor for an additional 1,500 people. The performances of the bands were for promotional purposes by the radio station WQJ transferred. In Rainbo Orchestra ‘s event included Charles Burns (trumpet), Herb Winfield (trombone,Bill and Jack Richards (saxophone), John Jensen (tuba) and Earl Roberts (banjo). It was therefore one of the first jazz orchestras with several saxophones.

1922-1924 played Frank Westphal and his Rainbo Orchestra- at Columbia Records numerous titles and also helped in the development and dissemination of the Chicago jazz at.

Westphal was also active as a composer and wrote, among other things, with Gus Kahn the later by Perry Como became known title “When You Come to the End of the Day”.


  • All Wrong , Chicago 1923 (Columbia 17-D)
  • Bugle Call Rag , 1923 Chicago 1923 (Columbia A3872)
  • Carry Me Back To My Carolina Home , Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3755)
  • Choo Choo Blues Chicago , 1922 (Columbia A3743)
  • Do not Bring Me Posies Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3693)
  • Forgetful Blues , Chicago 1923 (Columbia 32-D)
  • Greenwich Witch , Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3786)
  • Home In Pasadena , Chicago 1922 (Columbia 108-D)
  • I’ve Got A Song For Sale Chicago 1923 (Columbia 17-D)
  • Liza , Chicago 1923 (Columbia A 3814)
  • Never Again , Chicago 1924, Columbia (2-D)
  • Nobody’s Sweetheart , Chicago 1924 (Columbia 112-D)
  • Off Again, On Again Blues , Chicago 1923 (Columbia A3929)
  • Oh! Sister, Is not That Hot! , Chicago 1923 (Columbia 22-D)
  • Railroad Man Chicago, 1923, (Columbia A3872)
  • Stack O’Lee Blues , Chicago 1923 (Columbia 32-D)
  • Stop Your Kidding , Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3786)
  • That Barkin ‘Dog , Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3743)
  • That Lullaby Strain , Chicago 1924 (Columbia 108-D)
  • The Duck’s Quack , Chicago 1923, (Columbia A3944)
  • Those longing for you blues Regal 9301
  • Those Star Spangled Nights In Dixieland , Chicago 1922 (Columbia A3755)
  • Two Time Dan , Chicago 1923 (Columbia A3929)
  • Wolverine Blues , Chicago 1923 (Columbia A3911)

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