A Rare Look Inside Gennett’s New York Studio (1925) (courtesy Main Spring blog)

A Rare Look Inside Gennett’s New York Studio (1925)

Posted on February 1, 2013

Photos taken inside Gennett’s Richmond, Indiana studio are well-known, but interior shots of its various New York studios are very elusive. The two examples below, published in 1925, show their studio at 11 East 37th Street, which was in use from 1923 through the end of 1927 (the building is still standing).

They were taken in conjunction with the Ginn Music Appreciation Records, which Gennett was producing at the time. The two men in the upper photo are unidentified. (Could the large horn array offer a clue to the New York studio’s sonic superiority over Richmond — or was it just for effect?). The middle photo shows the studio jam-packed with members of the New York Philharmonic, who made most of the Ginn records, presumably with Henry Hadley at the podium. Gennett closed the 37th Street studio at the end of 1927 and moved out to Woodside Avenue in Long Island City. We’ve yet to find a photo of that studio’s interior, which was the site of the legendary Q-R-S sessions.

GENNETT-NY-RICHMOND-3For comparison’s sake, we’ve added a photo of the Richmond studio (above), occupied by the Miami Lucky Seven, er…..eight.


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